We are all faced with rising costs, reduced budgets, and concerns about staying eco-friendly.  RecycLights provides a solution to maximize your resources, streamline current systems and increase your bottom line.

We provide a cost effective way to handle, store and transport your Universal Waste using our service container program. There is no labor costs associated with assembling, labeling, taping boxes, or counting lamps or surcharges are associated with any services we provide for our customers.

As part of our Recycling Service Program we pick-up your Lead Acid Batteries and Non PCB Ballasts at no additional cost.

We have a container for all your lamp and battery recycling needs.

Each container is labeled with a PPY# and photo for easy ordering.



         Compact Fluorescents


Use gloves and safety glasses when handling waste.

Benefits of Recycling Light Bulbs:  Glass does not lose any of its durability or quality when recycled.  The United States requires all newly manufactured glass products to contain at least 35 percent recycled glass. When lamps are recycled at the end of their usable lives, less than one-tenth of one ton of mercury is released into the air.

Lamp Types:

Tube-style Fluorescent Lamps:  Commonly used as overhead lighting in office buildings, these lamps also come in compact shapes for a variety of other uses for both the home and office.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s):  Smaller versions of the standard tube-style fluorescent lamps and can be used in place of standard incandescent lamps. CFLs are more energy efficient and last longer than incandescent lamps. These lamps contain levels of mercury that require proper disposal and special cleanup if broken.

Mercury Vapor Lamps:  These are the original high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps with blue/white light. They were originally designed for farmyard lighting.

Metal Halide Lamps:  These are newer, more efficient HID lights found in homes, businesses and institutions. They are also used for headlights and can be spotted by their bright, blue-tinted light.

High-Pressure Sodium-Vapor Lamps:  These lamps generate white-yellow light used for street lamps and outdoor security lighting.